Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The story of stuff

Where do I start, arent we just in a little pickle!!

The system discribed isnt good. One thing Ive noticed huge effect on is the climate. I can remember as a kid summer was hot, winter was cold, the weatherman had a good chance of getting his prediction for the next day right because the weather was so predictable. And now, its only the beginning of march and we are having a frost. Our summer in parts had unbearable heat (I mean here in central otago, maybe not so in Dunedin) and then the next minute was freezing cold. Makes you think what sort of crap we really are polluting into the air to have this affect!!

Im all for recycling but people are lazy so we need to make it easier. When we lived in Scotland last year we had to drive 10minutes to drop recycling off but the wheeliebin man kindly came every fortnight and took away anything in our bin at our doorstep. Not just that at the recycling place it was hard work. For exampe glass had to be divided into clear, brown, green or other. The reality is people cant be bothered or we have become so busy we dont have time. Its just too convienent to put things in the wheelie bin and have it taken away than putting the extra effort to recycle.

I think every bit you do does help but its not just us consumers thats the problem. The factories that are pumping out nasty bi-products, they need to be held responsible for their part. All these advertisments on TV that is filling our head with the "need to buy" is another big problem. The main players in this operation need to change their ways and set an example. How this is going to happen though I dont know. The government has funny ideas at the best of times, dont know if they can help. They should be more concerned with doing what is right.

We do need to work on a system that can sustain itself but it will require some huge changes.